Fresh Minds & Ideas

Fresh Minds & Ideas

April 17, 2008. Langara College – Main Street – Vancouver. The Design Formation (formerly Display+Design) program at Langara College merges the design disciplines of spatial formation and communication design.

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display and design

Fresh Minds & Ideas by Display+Design Grad Students
Langara College 100 West 49th Ave.
April 8th–18th, 2008,

This challenging area of design bridges architecture, industrial design, interior design and graphic design. Students become familiar with a wide-ranging skill set that can be applied to everything from retail display to exhibit design to environmental graphic design, or as a basis for further study in design.

Design Formation prepares students to conceive, develop, and execute the design of spatial environments from first to last interaction. Through studio work, classroom study, field trips and employer-based practicums, students will encounter a wide range of projects and design disciplines such as brand-driven retail, exhibition spaces, themed events and set design.

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