A cologne that smells like a whisper

Memories of summer can always be recalled with a toss of geranium and rose petals in the potpourri bowl.

Vancouver Global Meetup for Elle Luna & Great Discontent’s 100-Day Project

Hello from #The100DayProject #GlobalMeetup in Vancouver, BC. Since the first introductions in conversation was, how did you hear about this event? I will abbreviate a lengthy answer into…

A Voracious Reader

Goodreads is where my current reading list updates. However, book cover designs and illustrations contribute to the overall reading experience when I choose my next read.

11th Annual Day Retreat with Ajahn Tiradhammo

Ajahn Tiradhammo is one of the most senior monks in the tradition of Ajahn Chah.

WordTasting Tour

More information and tour schedule available at Asymmetrical Press.

Wisteria in a Secret Garden

Discovered a secret wisteria garden on the Burnaby campus at BCIT


The City of Whirling Blossoms

Explorations of a few beautiful drifting bloom of the sakura (cherry blossom) trees in our little city of Vancouver, BC.


Cherry blossom season has arrived, once again.

Vancouver East Side Culture Crawl

Understanding the mental structural foundation of a creative mind.

You Never Stop Learning

XOXO Festival Conference, an experimental festival celebrating independently produced art & technology

Forest of Totoro

Crab Park en route to Chambar

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