The City of Whirling Blossoms

Explorations of a few beautiful drifting bloom of the sakura (cherry blossom) trees in our little city of Vancouver, BC. You can watch more of these cherry bloom…


Cherry blossom season has arrived, once again.

Forest of Totoro

Crab Park en route to Chambar

Fields of Strawberries

I’ve been devouring a lot of these, lately.


Oh hey I graduated.

Cherry Blossom Air

As of today, I had completely forgotten that the cherry blossoms are beginning to bloom again in our dear little city of Vancouver. The story behind the overbloom…

Pretend it is Sunrise

  I am going to pretend that these are a series of sunrise photos. But they’re not. They’re a series of ‘oh it’s Vancouver and it’s the middle…

September in Photos

September photographs.

Wandering by a White Rock

Rob and I decided to escape the city for an afternoon to, instead, wander around White Rock beaches. and all contents copyright (2008-2015) by Eliz Sarobhasa unless otherwise noted. Powered by Wordpress. Theme based on this. Modified by me.

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